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COVID-19 Studio Rules

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reorganized the studio so our members can maintain social distancing. We have also established new rules for our members to ensure we can keep the studio clean and sanitized. It is vitally important that as a member of Fired Up Studios you follow the new rules. If we cannot maintain these standards, we might have to employ additional restrictions to the studio or to close Fired Up Studios again.

Office Hours:

We have reduced our office hours to 4 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from Noon to 3 pm. If you need to reach us outside these hours, send an email or call and we will try to set up a time that works for you. As a member you can work outside these hours, just know that a staff person will not be available to answer your questions.

New Requirements

  1. All members need to wear masks when in the studio. These can be handmade cloth masks. If you don't wear a mask, we will ask you to leave.
  2. Members must maintain social distancing. The studio is big enough to provide the required social distancing if a few changes are followed. We expect you to be self-policing and give each other the required 6 ft of space when going to your shelves and moving around the studio. We have marked certain areas of the studio with blue or yellow tape and/or orange signs to help you with this.
  3. Increased cleaning and sanitization. While cleaning has always been an important part of Fired Up Studios, that will be increased. We have placed spray bottles with bleach water throughout the studio, so you have easy access to them. We need your help keeping things clean and sanitized. The bleach water should not be used for cleaning up your clay mess. Do not wipe it off, just let it air dry. It is an additional, final step for sanitization after your regular cleaning.
  4. Wash your hands: for at least 20 seconds with soap.
  5. Reminder: If you feel ill, please do not come in. This isn't new and applies to any illness, not just COVID-19.

To help you remember these new rules, our staff will remind members of what their responsibilities are to maintain the new studio standards.

The following list addresses how social distancing and cleaning affect each area of the studio:


  • We have placed wheels in main area, back area, and classroom 6 feet apart.
  • Classroom wheels are available to our members. We are not offering any classes or clay dates though the summer. For now, you won't need to worry about moving out of the classroom for an upcoming class.
  • After using a wheel, you need to clean it up like always and then spray both the wheel and the stool down with bleach water.
  • Please note that for social distancing, we only have two sinks available (the center sink has been marked "Do Not Use"). You may need to wait your turn to use the sink to clean up. Please do not leave items in the sink. If you are not actively cleaning up at the sink, it should be open for the next person to use.


  • Only two people can work at the large worktables at a time. Work on the ends, not on the sides (the tables are only 4 ft wide, but over 6 ft long).
  • When you are done, you need to clean the area and then spray it down with bleach water.

Wedging Table

  • We have removed some of the cutting wires to help create a safe distance. The wedging table is only 4 ft. wide so place yourselves diagonally from each other.
  • When you are done, you need to clean the area and then spray it down with bleach water.

Glaze Area

  • We have marked the tables with blue tape to indicate 6-foot distances and added "work here" marks. If everyone works on the side of the table with the "work here" notes, you will be 6 feet from people working at the next row of tables. Do not work across from each other at the same table. There is only room for 4 or 5 people to work in the glaze area at a time.
  • Please be courteous of others who are also glazing. Help each other find the glazes you are looking for and step aside for other members to get the glaze they need to use. Pull the glaze to your work area, use it, and then move it back. This keeps you working in one area and not spread across the entire glaze area.
  • Do not stand at the sinks to work - for example, when wiping glaze off your pieces, get a bucket of water and bring it to your work area. This frees up the sink area for anyone else who needs to access it.
  • When you are done, you need to clean your work area and then spray it down with bleach water.

Picking up & dropping off work - this applies to greenware, bisque, glazed, and finished work

  • Only one person can be picking up or dropping off work at a time. Use a cart to gather up all your work and then move out of the shelving area for the next person.
  • If we are loading or unloading work, you must wait until we are done before picking up or dropping off your work. If you are dropping off work, you can put it on a cart and ask us to put it on the shelves for you when we are done with the kilns.
  • Work has been moved to the Last Chance Racks to make more room. We will not be moving any work from the Last Chance Racks until after June 30. We don't want to throw away anyone's work, but we were running out of space.

Chat Area

  • Only one person can be in the chat area at a time.
  • When you are done, you need to clean your work area and then spray it down with bleach water.


  • Wash your hands before use (at least 20 seconds with soap)
  • After use, wash your hands again.
  • Then spray down faucet & handle, toilet seat & flush handle, and doorknobs with bleach water.

Shared private studios

It is important that you talk with your studio mate to make sure you are not using your private studios at the same time.


One last note if we feel that the studio is too crowded, we will ask people to wait in their cars until someone leaves. We don't think this is going to be a problem, but with limited room for glazing, we wanted to mention it just in case.

Our goal is to let members back into the studio in a safe way. We know for many members working in the studio is a much-needed mental break, so we are hoping that being partially open will give you that opportunity. We hope these new rules will keep everyone safe and able to keep making pottery.

Along with these new rules we ask for your patience. Our intent with the new environment is to keep everyone safe and healthy.